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 Xorax character

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PostSubject: Xorax character   Xorax character Icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 9:55 am

N a m e : Xorax

M e a n i n g : Mothers favorite childhood game

A g e : 15

D a t e - o f - B i r t h : July 7, 1996

A l i g n m e n t : Darkness

APPEARANCE : Xorax is a boy of 5'7 with a tan face. He has cold grey eyes and light brown spikey hair. He usually wear a blank expression revealing that he is emotionless. Under Xorax's cloak he wears a black shirt. He also wears long green pants with chains clinging on to his left side under the cloak. He wears one of his keyblades on his back and only calls for the other when the situation actually calls for it. He also wear a very unique skull shaped chain around his neck and a charm around his wrist.

L i k e s : Xorax likes power.

D i s l i k e s : Xorax dislikes everything that opposes him.

F e a r s : Losing power and being destroyed.

P e r s o n a l i t y : Xorax is usually very blank. He has no emotions at all. He likes to do things in order to benefit himself and if necessary he benefits others in the process. Xorax is physically strong . He is smart as well. He enjoys nothing at all except a challenging opponent or task.

B i o g r a p h y : Xorax was raised by his mother,Ayane, in Twilight Town. One day he was bored so he decided to go check out the Old Mansion that was just beyond a hole in a wall. When he was wandering around some strange white figures came at him out of no where.. They started attacking him and he tried fighting back. His attacks had no effect.. When he was about to die a strange weapon came into his and he tried it. After he defeated the white figures he became curious about the weapon. He told his mother that he was leaving to search different worlds to gain more knowledge of his weapon and that he did. He learned of the heartless and nobodies and also the mysterious group Organization Xiii. He decided to stay neutral in this battle and go with the flow. He decided to do whatever benefitted himself in this battle. And that meant purifying heartless and destroying nobodies and trying to stop Organization Xiii to ensure that his mother is safe and unharmed and leaded a happy life. One day in a world called Hollow Bastion as he was killing heartless, he ran into a man. This man offered him the power of darkness and skills beyond his imagination in exchange for his memory. Xorax took this offer in order to protect his dear mother. He was taken to a strange place in which he was put into a strange capsule. Two years later he awaken to see a man standing before him.

Who are your parents? Mother : Ayane Father: Unknown
Who raised you? Ayane
What was your childhood like? Peaceful and happy.
Did anything traumatic happen?No
What led you to join this side? N/A
What does your current life normally consist of : Searching for more efficient ways to unlock Kingdom Hearts.

W e a p o n s : He uses the one with the heartless symbol in all his battles to start off, basically a warmup. If his opponent is truly worthy he releases the Keylade with the nobody symbol to at least put up a good fight at the least.

Corridor of darkness: Allowing him to transfer to different worlds.
Dark Shield: A temporary barrier to protect from attacks.
Summon heartless/nobodies with use of keyblade.

S a m p l e P o s t : Heartless rise from the ground as they focus on Xorax. he grabs his first keyblade off from his back. He sticks his arm out to the left and spins his keyblade. He then grabs the blade from the air and glides towards the heartless. He first slashes horizontally to take out a large number of heartless. He jumps in the middle of the group of heartless and spin the keyblade taking out the lot of heartless. He then runs to a wall so the remaining heartless could crowd around him. He sticks his keyblade up in the air as a large bolt of thunder strikes down the heartless. He puts his keyblade back on his back as he opens a corridor of darkness and steps in.

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I approve this ^^.
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thnx ^^
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Xorax character
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