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 The World That Was

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PostSubject: The World That Was   Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:17 am

World Name: The World That Was


World Description: Its a world of darkness where countless hordes of Heartless, Nobodies and Unbirths live. The entire world is nothing but ruins and caves. Under the ruins and caves is the base to my organization. The sky is always black. At the center of this world, there is a large stone tower that is made of caves. There are three levels in this tower. The first floor is where everything born. The second floor is where everything experiences life. The final floor is where everything ends. The first two floors controls life. The longer you stay on one of the two first floors, the more you age. If you reach the final floor, then all of the aging that happened to you is reversed until you'r back to how you were before you entered the first floor. At the top of the tower is a crystal lever that moves the tower. Under the tower is a staircase which leads to the keyhole. The only way to reach it is to go back down through the tower. The keyhole is in a room inside my base.

World History: It was a world that died in darkness. The species that lived on it killed each other until there was nothing left. It died from the inside. The weak were mostly killed by the strong. The laws of this world were always broken. The world and all that lived on it was full of darkness without knowing. Everyday, life on this world either dies or suffers. The world made many discoveries about the other worlds around it. It was believed that during the early days of this planet, large monsters of many sizes lived and ruled this world until they were killed by more advanced species. There were many things wrong and good with this world.

Darkness Ratio: 10. Everything that lived on this planet killed either themselves or each other. It was ruled by darkness without even knowing. Everyday something dies and/or suffers on this planet.

Light Ratio: 1.Nothing was alive on it at the end. Every single trace of light was destroyed. Those who lived on it knew what was good but never did any good.
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The World That Was
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