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 Kanmaru Kyoukan

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PostSubject: Kanmaru Kyoukan   Kanmaru Kyoukan Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 5:25 pm

Kanmaru Kyoukan Img link

N a m e
Kanmaru Kyoukan

M e a n i n g
Lightning Assassin

A g e
Unknown, His physical age looks young (under 16)

D a t e - o f - B i r t h

A l i g n m e n t

Kanmaru Kyoukan Nlwhnk
His hair is a light grayish color, Spiked hair but layed down flat over his eyes. His eyes is a deep dark purple color representing a pit of darkness. He looks extremely young but no one knows his actually age. By just his physical age they all think he is about 13-15, Which he may actually may be or may not. He usually wears a hoody, with black and purple sneakers, and a dark washed out jean pants. He's always seen wit ha small cubular object.

L i k e s
He enjoys fighting, having a small system which allows him to play games,

D i s l i k e s
He hates being annoyed, Fooled around with, He also hates people that ignores him or Takes his possessions.

F e a r s

P e r s o n a l i t y
He's extremely childish, When he gets serious, He would mostlikly kill everyone in sight. He also hates to lose, and does things without thinking.

B i o g r a p h y

Who are your parents?Unknown
Who raised you?Himself
What was your childhood like?He was raised on the streets to fend by himself, No one would help him so he had to steal to get what he wanted.
Did anything traumatic happen?Can't remember
What led you to join this side?He was tired of being alone, He was looking for a way to return his memories.
What does your current life normally consist of (ie, your usual routine): He mostly stays in his room, Playing card games, and mastering his skills.

W e a p o n s you no littler and without the metal)
Kanmaru Kyoukan IceScythe (but purple instead of blue)
He is able to change The form of the weapon into 3 forms. The first form is a set on claws, The second form is a blade and the final form is a scythe, These Forms resides within his body and are only destroyed when he is.

He has the ability to channel his power into one of his forms. His first level of ability awakens when a rift appears in his eye. It allows him to open rifts to anywhere he wants and when he walks in he can appear where ever of his choice. When the rift becomes wider in his purple eyes which is dark, He has the ability to channel his void energy through out his body to enhance his skills, He also has the abiltiy to suck in anything he wants into the rift he opens with his weapon and send them spiriling in a never ending darkness. When a second rift a appears the same size of the next one on top of the other rift like a X he has the ability to suck anyone into it and any object and create any room he wants. It could be a happy room or a torture room, He can also send people into a eternal torture room if he likes.

S a m p l e P o s t
(Sample posting IC. We need to get a feel of your character.)
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PostSubject: Re: Kanmaru Kyoukan   Kanmaru Kyoukan Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 6:07 pm

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Kanmaru Kyoukan
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