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 Garron Fireblade

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Garron Fireblade 2h655zs

Gorron FireBlade

the name means to fight with honour and respect but to also show no mercy to those who dont deserve it.




L i k e s
Garron loves to kill for the sake of it being fun, creating weapons, taming wild deadly beasts.

D i s l i k e s
everyone who apposes him, cute things

F e a r s

P e r s o n a l i t y
he has a very dark personality, has no care for others opinions on him

B i o g r a p h y
Garron from a very young age was always alone he had no parents as they was murdered by Heartless, he made a life goal that he would never let anyone close to him so he could never be hurt and to also rid the universe of heartless. from the age of 16 he already had his fair share of Heartless kills he uses his Scythe formed by his vengeance to slice through the heartless like butter.

What does your current life normally consist of ?
killing heartless and nobodies.

W e a p o n s
he uses a Scyhe that was forged by his anger and vengance towards Heartless for what happened to his parents,

he has 3 forms of his Rage when it reaches lvl 3 he transforms into a demonic version of himself and allowing use of Getsuga Tenshou
his abilities are limited to how angry he is at the time when he is in a neutral state he can use:
Blast from the past: he relives the horror of his parents dieing increasing his anger and power to level 2.
Stage 2:
Final Reconstructive wave: sends a shockwave from his Scythe ripping apart anything in its way.

Stage 3:
Getsuga Tenshou: Sends a wave of Black energy that destroys anything it touches.

S a m p l e P o s t
(ooc: ok say you say something to Garron) Hmm...if your a heartless this question is pointless as you will be dead soon.
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Garron Fireblade
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