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 rules : you better read

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PostSubject: rules : you better read   Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:22 am

No posting affiliates/advertisements in any other board then where designated.
All other posts will be deleted.

No bashing on members, posts, or sites.
We want everyone to be able to be themselves and feel accepted. And will not be allowed you are only going to get two warnings then action will be taken

Any updates will be discussed by staff and when agreed on will be posted for members.

Posts must be at least a paragraph long.
And not short ones, I understand we can all get writers block but this will help keep threads going

All members that are new or have another bio must wait till that character to be approved by staff before rping.

No members that are staff will be allowed to post in bios unless it is there own.

Keep it PG-13

No one liners which is posting one line only, and if it’s in ooc please make sure it is noticeable.
[ooc: ]
{ooc: }
(ooc: )
Or something like that, be sure the other members can tell the difference.

And even if you disagree with something please try to be adult about it, things will be able to happen easier that way.
We all can be civil like adults after all it is a site and people have lives outside of it.
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rules : you better read
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