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 An example of Organization XIII

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An example of Organization XIII Empty
PostSubject: An example of Organization XIII   An example of Organization XIII Icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 1:30 am

Organization Name: Organization XIII

Organization Purpose: Organization's sole purpose is the research of Kingdom Hearts. They wish to learn of it's true power and aim to use it in regaining their lost hearts. With this they can once more become whole.

Member Requirements: Member's must be Nobody's.

Organization Ranks:
Organization Ranks are as follows:
I. Xemnas - The Superior
II. Xigbar - The Free Shooter
III. Xaldin - The Whirlwind Lancer
IV. Vexen - The Chilly Academic
V. Lexaeus - The Silent Hero
VI. Zexion - The Cloaked Schemer
VII. Saïx - The Luna Diviner
VIII. Axel - The Flurry of Dancing Flames
IX. Demyx - The Melodious Nocturne
X. Luxord - The Gambler of Fate
XI. Marluxia - The Graceful Assassin
XII. Larxene - The Savage Nymph
XIII. Roxas - The Key of Destiny;
XIV.Xion - No title given

Location of the organization's base: Organization XIII's base is located in The World That Never Was. There they reside in a large floating casle that comfortably homes them all. The design is much like an exposed lab, with dull silver color's decorating all of the insides. Each member is allowed to decorate their room as they see fit, but are not forced too. They only known means to enter the castle is by either a portal, or a bridged that is activated by a trigger mechanism found on the castle.

Organization Uniform: Organization XIII wears special made cloaks to protect them from the dark. Without this they would perish from so much exposure to the dark. The cloak is simple in design. It has a hem that is visible on the breast area and just below the shoulder. It come with a hood and ornately decorted strings, and unlike most cloaks, zips from the top down. The Organization also wear uniform attire beneath their cloaks. Black gloves and black pants made from the same material as the cloak helps further protect them. Their boots are decorated at the very top with a silver ring that at one point meets at a design of the organizations symbol.
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An example of Organization XIII
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